For the third year running Bristol Improv Theatre, Closer Each Day Company, The Wardrobe Theatre and Degrees of Error are joining forces to create Bristol Improv Marathon!

In a staggering 26 hours a team of intrepid performers will create an entirely improvised, entirely unscripted play using nothing but their skill, imagination and a hefty dose of caffeine.

This show brings together performers from all across the city and invited guests from further afield.



2016: "RIDE ON TIME!"

No-one knows why the world's greatest theme park shut its doors six months ago. Now, suddenly the power's back on, rides are running and the staff have been summoned. Is a grand re-opening on the cards? Rumour has it that the owners are arriving with some very special guests. If true, they've got just 26 hours to get the world's greatest theme park back online... but what dark secrets lurk in the heart of the happiest place on Earth?



In a small West-Country village field an exciting discovery is about to the made. The lost graves of the legendary English King, Arthur, Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table! The BBC have sent their famous team of T.V. archeologists, The TimeBusters to investigate. The locals are delighted, the developers are furious and and there's been a strange rise in the number of odd folk with cloaks and beards. Will the team uncover treasure or will it end in ruins?